Do life coaches deal with the past?

Yes, whether you like it or not.

There is a sense in which every action taken from moment to moment is 100% dependent upon the past. Every action we know how to take, we take because we learned how and why – at some point in the past.

When you approach the front door to your house, you open it and walk through without thinking anything of it. Truth be told, you only know how to open a door because at some point in the past you learned what a door is and how to open it – and why. If you’d never learned that, you would not know how to open a door today. You wouldn’t even recognize a door.

You’re probably thinking you didn’t sign on for a philosophy lesson and just want a pragmatic answer. OK.

How life coaches deal with the past

A life coach helps you deal with the past, right here and now – in the present. I might be splitting hairs here but there is an important point to be made.

If I were to ask you, “What stops you from succeeding?”

You might reply by reference to a memory of failure. You might feel that you could easily fail again. You do not want the past to repeat itself. I don’t blame you.

Right now, you’re holding a memory in mind. Right here and now – in the present, a memory is making you feel less confident in the future. If you restructure that memory – say with an NLP technique.

This is very different than you might experience in mental health counseling. In counseling, therapists often take a personal history as a matter of course. Heavy emphasis is placed on how the past created the present. This is all well and good – just a bit differently that life coaches do.